When to start feeding with nutrients

When should I start feeding the plant nutrients instead of just water after it first pops out from germination ?

After the first leaves that emerge from the shell dry up. They provide nutrients to the seedling. When they fall off, you can start nutes, but start really slow. About 1/4 or 1/8 dose on label. Can adjust up as plant tolerates.


@careg what would you say? I know you like to push your nutrients early and hard lol
I’d agree with @Blountville and say the usual time to add nutes is once the first rounded leaves turn yellow.

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Yeah, you can always add more nutes, but you can’t take em back after she’s burned down.


The time to start is when they get there 5yh true set of leaves.
But as @Blountville said you’ll want to start out sloew and work your way up each feeding


On my current grow I started full strength going by the F F feeding schedule. I have not seen any burning. They are short and bushy already. I’m gonna do it like Little Shop Of Horrors.

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I think it depends on your medium. I use Fox Farms ocean forest and I don’t feed until 3 - 5 weeks. The particular strain will show me when it’s ready
-good luck


Gratz on the grow!

just saying…if you hang around the forum, you’ll see enough times where people followed your feeding schedule and have harmed or killed their plants.

It is easy enough to start slowly and see how the plants react, rather than making a fatal error.
For most of the growers, getting the seed to sprout is difficult, to hurt it so soon after?

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First timer but I haven’t used any nutrients ever. My plants are about 14 inches tall and have pistols already. Do nutrients make your plant more potent.


I am in the experimental stage and have like 30-40 seeds as backup. I want
to see with these autos just how
far I can push the bar. My first grow I was very limited on what I gave and
I did the half strength thing so this grow I want to do the total opposite.
So far both methods have worked.
One thing works for one and it might fail on the other. It’s a risk and I
am taking it. I will share my fails and or success.


What do you recommend that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

Miracle Grow Tomato food is the cheapest I can think of. Maybe $5 could get you to harvest.

Are you growing in soil?
What is your $$$ budget?

Thank you all! Very useful information. I am growing with hydroponics.

Yes, they promote bigger, healthier flowers

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I was told by several people who said Miracle Grow is a no no

:smiley: it has enough nutrients to get you buds…

that being said, I don’t use it…but if finances are a problem?

you are a few weeks into flowering…so many options require 3 different bottles combined…

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Will you grow more after this?

Get a good brand and stick with it…what you get to finish here will last to grow more…

ILGM sells nutrients, General Hydroponics and Advanced Nutrients have a “starter” set (Grow, Micro, Flower), Dutch Master, NPK Industries…

The third or fourth set of real leaves is when I started in my DWC…but it was my first grow and I was real cautious

@ktreez420 or @Paranorman or a few others could help more

you could start feeding for root growth a little earlier…but I’m still learning that stuff

Yea in my DWC setup, I put HydroGuard in with every plant, even my cloner. HydroGuard is a root inoculant that will help with root growth, as well as protect it from any harmful bacteria. I also give every single plant some Cal-mag in the reservoir as well, regardless of age. When using RO water I always add cal-mag to put back in what the RO process takes out.

As far as adding Grow, Micro, and Bloom nutrients, I will start adding nutrients the day I transplant my girls. It’s always a light feeding, but they always take well to it. First couple days is just root growth, then you can watch as the plant itself starts to take off.

For you, a new grower @Mialeu16 I would recommend you put 1/2 strength nutrients into your reservoir. By the way, what hydro method are you using? And I recommend you put those nutrients in once you have 3-4 sets of true leaves. Or, if your cotyledon leaves (the first set of leaves to sprout, they are small and rounded like a clover) have turned yellow, you’ll want to add nutrients immediately. Hope this helps you out!

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So is the hydroguard and cal-mag all you use besides base nutrients to start? Been meaning to ask you. I have advanced trio, and GH trio. Ordered one by mistake, but I’ve read they’re exactly the same. I ordered hydroguard, and calmag yesterday.

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