When To Start Curing?

I’ve been drying these buds for 12 days. I have an AC set to 60 and keep the humidity around 60. The main stems are snapping and some of the buds are crispy dry, but some still feel a little wet. Do I move them to jars now or wait till all the buds feel crispy?

Sounds like a perfect time to jar them! Don’t forget to burp them daily for a week or so.
Looks good, enjoy the harvest!


Appreciate the feedback! When burping how long a day should I open the jars? I purchased humidity packs to keep inside the jars as well

I burped for about half hour a day or so. I’d open them, go do a few choirs, then close them before I forget them! Others burp longer, I always figure it’s based on my schedule, when I get around to it!
I didn’t add my Boveda’s until after the 10 days of burping. Could just be me tho!


Again appreciate all the advice, thank you!

Just finished cutting some up


Some use moistute testers

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I use the moisture testers and I loved it. Took the guesswork out. Happy Harvest!! :blush::v: