When to start counting flowering days. When switch to 12/12 or first signs of buds

I got 20 white widow female and 5 gold leaf female seeds from you guys. In the description it says flowering time 60 days on average for white widow and 63 days for gold leaf. My question is when do u start counting. From the day u switched the lights to 12/12 or when the first sign of buds started to show? They are on day 59 from switched to 12/12. Day 52 if from first signs of buds. A couple look close to done others look like another week or two. I’ve tried researching this question and got a lot of both sides. Can you please help settle this for me. I know u gotta go by trichomes ultimately. But want to know for trying to plan for flush and harvest when growing new strains.

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Those are the average flowing time in perfect conditions and I believe it I’d fro. When you.switch the lights assuming you.let them veg enough. The only way to really telling they ate ready is to check the tricombes

Those are average times. I have not yet grown the gold leaf (have some seed on the way) but I have grow white idows a few times.
As for the white widows they tend to take a few weeks longer than the average flower time listed. White widows tend to put a lot of weight on the longer you wait. I personally flower white widows around 75-80 days depending on the trichomes. But in the last couple of weeks they really start coming into there own.

To answer your question about when to start counting the flowering time I personally start counting when you switch the light to 12/12

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Here’s some pics of the trichomes. I don’t see any amber yet. Do you?

I don’t see any amber. Alot of clear and milky… Still some time needed for those clear ones to get at least milky

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@Chris1547 personally I always just add two weeks to the flowering phase just to make up for the transition from veg I.E. when I first go to 12 /12 I wont start counting days as flower for 2 weeks and still if you want that bud that is going to nail your butt to the couch you have got to watch for amber in the trichomes 50 to 60% amber will pretty much make you wish you had got a drink BEFORE you smoked a bowl. Every plant is different with the exception of clones they are identical to the mother plant , besides that you can have 2 seeds from the same bud flower and harvest close to 3 weeks apart even when treated the same .

hope this helps


I am late to reply, yet, I think this is a good question. Most growers consider the actual begin date is as soon as you switch to the 12/12 cycle, some argue that it is as soon as you see the white hairs form. Everyone of the forums I go to get into arguments, and even though I am on my second grow, I count when I first switch to 12/12. As for how long it takes to mature, well, the one thing most people miss are the factors of a grow. Genetics is the first key factor, consider what breed, type, or strain you are growing. The genetics itself tells the whole story more often than not. Environment, is another factor, what soil type, what nutrients and watering schedule, and even lighting have all the factors that bring this subject to be charged. There is also the breeder dates, this are estimates and can be affected by many outside influences all are above mentioned. Again I am a new grower, so I would say that I listen to those that have a few grows under their belt. What most growers agree on is that flowering starts as soon as you flip over to 12/12. They also state that this is caused by a hormonal reaction in the plant, this is why you do not see flowers until 7 to 14 days on average, so far they are dead on as far as my grow. I will state that this even leads to personal prefrerence in harvest as well when harvesting. The grow itself can really vary from beginning to end when it comes to type and strain. So, this is my 2 cents. All this came from a little research and to be honest I do not know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, and that leads to the most honest answer I can give you which is, it all varies.


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This is what a few of them look like so far Up close and like I said I am fairly new this is my first grow so things may be fine and I’m just impatient or worrying to much.


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I made sure from the start there were no light leaks it’s in a pretty decent sized walk in closet, and the room temp is usually always perfect… also how do you guys water your plants? Do you just water the soil or spray the plants themselves also? I’ve seen a few people do it differently just curious

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I am glad to hear that you have checked for light leaks. Light proofing my room was no small task.

As far as watering, I water when they get a bit dry and then water until I get some run off.

Other more experienced grower have different strategies that work very well for them.
This is my first grow as well and am still learning the ropes.

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Ok, see, pictures tell us so much! She’s fine. You’ve got nice buds starting there. Like I said, it can take up to two weeks for them to really start to flower. You’ll see them really start to take off now.

You should be watering till runoff at this point. That means water till you get about 15% coming out the bottom, then let it dry out till the next watering. You should use that runoff water to check your Ph and PPMs.


Really? Wow! You have no idea how much weight literally felt like it was just lifted off my shoulders after reading this, I’m new to this and still learning over time and I guess just got a little worried I’m sure you know the feeling of not wanting to F up your grow after putting so much time, effort and money into it and like I said in my first post I’m getting ready to start a new grow and anything I can learn along the way is super helpful so again thank you so much In advance


You’re very welcome. You’re plants look great, so stop worrying. :wink:

Thank you @raustin; that first picture posted is of a beautiful flowering babe of an MJ plant.

Lol, yes, she is a babe!

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Yep them there’s flowers. Your foliage looks healthy. Great color. Leaves flat and pointed. Yes u r just worrying and yes we all know what it’s like. I am new to the indoor grow and wow the expense is so much more than outdoors. I find myself asking about my plants even though I know in my head what’s up I just feel like being new to indoors I don’t want to miss something and blow a boatload of money. So ask away it’s all good.

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Hi Tyler, I am on my first grow as well. Best fill out support ticket, but I will copy a few as well. She looks good but tall and lanky. She will fill in very soon, but just as they start the flowering, they will grow like crazy.
You may want to look at LST or similar.
@Countryboyjvd1971 @Familyman420 @Rugar89 @Covertgrower

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I do exactly that, age my bud growth from Day 1 of tricking them…the only problem with that, is that some strains take 5 days and some take 10 days, some 14 days, I’ve had plants that just wouldn’t trick even after weeks of light deprivation…? So, it doesn’t make it as precise an age. People like to know for harvesting scheduling…you know, this particular strain, BamBam & Peebles Baked Potatoes Kush or whatever handle they stuck to it, flowering time 8 weeks…that doesn’t mean in exactly 8 weeks, cut the bish down, cuz it doesn’t…there are variables that determine if she’s ready, especially if growing outside. Anyways, I age it from the day I change the lights…maybe minus a week for time to trick her hormones into flowering. As far as cutting it down, I just go by the look of the trichomes…sort of hit & miss because picking the time to cut it down is important and lots of newbies cut them down too early…me too. Learn from mistakes…try to. lol