When to start bloom ferts?

First out outdoor grow, I have a Bubblegum Breath and a Tropic Fuel OG both are doing great and starting to show “hairs”. When should I start bloom fert? It seems early yet but then thinking 3 months till Oct. Must be ready to start soon. Can I combine bloom and grow ferts then switch to full bloom.
BTW I’m in CT.
Thanx for any help

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Yup. Most lineups have a ‘transition’ phase. I usually amp down the N heavy one and up the PK heavy one each feeding after first sign of pistils. And by the 2nd week of full flower (after the crowns of pistils have formed) i want to be using full strength bloom feeds.

What brand pf nutes are u using? And do they have a schedule?


I am using Jack’s All purpose 20-20-20 and Jack’s Bloosom Booster 10-30-20. I feed once a week water every other day. It’s just the 2 plants and wanted to give the outdoors a try.
Thank you

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Ok. So lower the 20-20-20 by a half strength. And add some to the Jack’s Bloom. N keep slowly switching (transition)


The all purpose probably work pretty good for veg, but I feel like the two of those don’t seem to jive as well for flowering. If you like the Jack’s products, try the professional hydroponic blend along with calcium nitrate and Epsom salts. You’ll find a lot more support data for cannabis. Search Jack’s 321.


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You’re not wrong, but formulas are a little more tricky as far as I know


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@PurpNGold74 - “Crowns of pistils”

Can you provide a picture to show what you mean by this? My pistils on my plant are getting beefy, but I am very curious as to what this growth point you are referring to looks like! :grin::grin:

@BakedDog I think I’m at around the same point you are, also on the east coast, sorry for hijacking your thread!

Sure. Here u go


Thank you @PurpNGold74 !!

I think I’m still a little bit away from that point…I appreciate your fast response, I’d have looked it up, but I’m in the middle of bathroom demo… :flushed:

Ha its all good. Always happy to help. You flipped the lights yet?

I’m outdoors :grin: