When to start adding to FFOF and what to use

I have three different types of plants growing and I am totally new to this. All in fabric pots using Fire Fox Ocean/Forest Soil. I PH my water to 6.2. Checked the water and had 68ppm and 204 EC. Water until I get enough run off to get a sample. I check the run off and just about the same. Then I check with my meter. The first plant (Shiatsu Kush) I got a reading of 699 ppm and 1487 EC. The second plant (Unknown Type) I got a reading of 1115 PPM and 2372 EC. The third plant (Blackberry Kush) had a reading of 1309 ppm and 2785 EC. At what point do I start to feed and what do I use. Not sure what the numbers mean or what I am shooting for. Thanks for any help or advice.

If you type “question about runoff ppm” into the search bar you’ll find plenty of informative posts that might be able to answer your question. I read one yesterday that had a chart with ideal ppm for different growing stages. Hope that helps somewhat.

For FFOF but with their nutrient lines. I don’t have the one with the EC numbers. Its at home and I am at the Firework Stand.

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When did you pot them? If they are brand new plants, then don’t worry about anything else except ph water if you are using FFOF. I’m new also but I’ve put 10 plants in it and, on average, first use nutes around day 35-45.

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Hey bud, I’m using FFOH soil my plant is about 2 months old, fabric pot as well. I’ve used no nutrients to date and according to my mentors and research, probably won’t need any nutrients until flowering begins.

How old are your plants ?

Here’s mine with no nutrients, 60 days old, sour d

My best friend owns 2 of them. People complain constantly. He’s just trying to make a living. :+1:

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Moved the clones to FFOF on 4/20

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Shiatsu kush could use some nutes. When she dries out, I’d aim for a nute mix of 1000 ppm. The others can go another week with just water.

I run one for a company of 40 stands. We don’t get anyone complaining. My truck AC don’t work so imagine sitting in a Stand down South Texas way. It was 94 at Midnight. :pensive:

I do it twice a year for side cash. I can’t get help and I pay $15 an hour. So anyone complaining I can’t find a job can go F themselves. :joy::joy::joy:

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I am new to this. What would I add and how do I know how much to add? Thanks

Which nutrient line are you going with?

I was just going to get the FF Trio

Your ppms may be lower than what’s recommended here because that is for the full dirty dozen line up. Start with whatever week you’re on. Since you potted the clones on 4/20, still to week 4 veg until you start flowering. You may need to add a little more grow big to up the ppms a little bit start with mixing the suggested and check your Ppms. Once you’re satisfied with the ppm, ph solution to 6.5.