When to start 12/12 flower for SSH

Planted Super Silver Haze seeds around 8 weeks ago on 18/6.

Would some of you more experienced chime in and give opinion on when to shift towards 12/12?

How long til harvest if it says 65 average day flower period?

Got a fruit mix pack on order to replace them once done!

Hi, I try to wait 6 weeks then put them into flower but it is up to you, it can be done at 3 weeks or you could wait for 12 weeks. Your plants look great.

Take care.


First Welcome to ILGM
You could start any time now. Or you can wait a little and let them grow a little bigger it totally up to you and what you want.
But when you do flip to 12/12 they will stretch for the first two weeks or so.
Say after the 4thweek in flower get a magnifier and look at the trichomes.


This is the average time it will take for the flowers(buds) to be ripe, this is the time after the switch to 12/12.

So, as with any strain of cannabis, you need about 8-9 weeks in a 12hr or less photoperiod until finished or ripe. 65 days is just slightly more than 9 weeks.

happy growing,

Very good everyone. Thanks. When I do switch do I gradually reduce to 12/12 or just switch to it all at once?