When to sex, speed up growth?

A question from a fellow grower:

The main issue I seem to run into is my nutrients. I’m using peat-moss for my substrate because I worry about my buds developing too much of an earthy taste. Also, I am curious as to the best lights to use for growing.
I’m currently using some bag-seed so I have no clue what strains or sixes I’m working with yet as they are just getting their initial leaves after the “fake-first” leaves that first sprout. When should I sex my plants and is there anything I can do to speed along the growing process? I’m using the Miracle-Gro 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer. And don’t quite know how often to fertilize

Once a week . Water , water , feed ? Be extra cautious with miracle grow due to the fact the nutrients are time released I think , never used miracle grow actually . But to answer the important part of this question , you cannot for whatever reason rush the process , you must utilized patients , and learn to listen to the plants . Never get impatient growing are you will erupt a world of nutrient issues . Plants grow in stages , and that process has to be allowed if you wish to grow a healthy mature plant from seed to harvest. If you remain patient , the end results will be worth the reward .