When to put outdoor plants out in Arizona

I’m wondering when to plant seeds here in AZ. It’s early April, we are experiencing 12 hours daylight (6am- 6pm) , 12 hours darkness. My plants are small (12-18 inches) and are flowering. This produces small buds. What time of year do you think I should plant?

You need 10 hours of direct sunlight with a couple of hours of lower light levels to forestall flowering. Most folks put their plants out around Memorial Day. A lot of growers also start indoors under lights so they can get a headstart on big plants.

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@peachfuzz may know best !

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You would want a light source in between your dark periods to keep the plant vegging…
It really don’t require a bunch of light , but just enough to not let it go into flower… (ie) candle stick method…
About one hour of light in between its 12 hour dark cycle…
Usually you will candle stick the plant’s around the 10 hour mark of darkness to keep it happy and vegging… :+1::wink:

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Google your areas daylight hours once your daylight hours on an almanac style report drop to about 13 shortly after plants should start flowering… how ever long you want to veg for start that much time plus 3 weeks for germ and transplanting :v: