When to put clones outside

Curious about putting clones outside when the weather gets better here in the northeast. When I do take my cuttings, should I have the light schedule as close to the same time as sunrise and sunset on the day I plan on transplanting. Do i have to worry about them not getting enough light and start to flower before the days get longer? Not sure how technical I have to be with clones since they will be sexually mature. I’m probably missing more questions. Any experience would be great and thank you in advance.

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You need the weather to stabilize and not get anywhere near frosting overnight and also wait for turkey season to be over if you are planting in the woods. Id start the clones under 24 hours of light then put them out. After that they will show their sex and grow normally outside

Here on the west coast-SF area- I usually wait closer to the equinox(June 13?)
But I like what you are saying about matching the outdoor light hours. I have done the accident of placing clones outdoor immediately before the equinox and they started flowering. But what works best for me is to slowly transition them from indoor LED to outdoor sun. My clones are switched from 24/7 to 18/6 light when first brought home from the dispensary. Usually at hour+ intervals. For example-the first day in the sun-June 8th. (2hr)Bring back inside. June 9th-a little bit longer than the previous day(3.5 hours).June 10th-a little longer.etc.(5 hours) And that sysytem goes for about a week-and that has worked for me.
Happy growing!

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I’m in the northeast I usually put out my plants around the 20TH of May

Anything less than 14hrs is asking for confusion