When to put autoflowering outside

I am growing in the southern part of California I put seeds in and germinated they’ve sprouted in late March can I put them outside now they are autoflowering please send help soon thank you Daniel


If you’re in southern California, you should be able to put your plants outside any time you want. The rest of us have to wait till last frost. I doubt you have that problem. As long as they’re autos they will flower just fine now.


yes because they are auto’s

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Put em out as soon as you can
Natural sunlight is the best
Plus autos seem to be doing best at 12/12 for a lot of experienced growers here and its about that outside now

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Thanks everybody really needed the help hope to talk to you soon Daniel2


@Daniel2 You can grow autos practically all year long with no issues where you are they don’t have a light cycle like a fem or others

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No sweat buddy
Keep us posted on their progress
Excited for you
Happy growing!!

What strain? I love watching outdoor grows. It’s where I live…