When to prune and where

When should I start pruning?

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Let them grow. Good airflow. Just me. I am indoor though. Outdoor growers will chime in.


I usually top once at node 3-4. And tie down branches to expose the center to light only then will I prune leaves off and only if there covering prime bud sites.then right at flowering I’ll prune some more leaves off. Every leaf you take is one less leaf to produce sugars and shit do photosynthesis and all that.

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I don’t do anything to outdoor plants just allow them to do their thing. Especially at that size

If you get 6’ plus feel free to remove some lower growth


Very nice, I would let them ride for now. If you choose to top your plants now would be the time. Good luck

Thank you all for your insight , I am very excited to learn about the growing of this wonderful herb…

do you tie down the top, because I have no other branches that i can see as of yet?

Just let them grow for now. If you want you can top some of them or you can slightly bend some of them over when they get a little taller. I grow outside and bend, top or fim all my plants. Ill tag you into my journal and you can see some of my plants bent over. There’s terms for this. LST for low stress training is when you bend the plant or branches gently without hurting the plant. HST for high stress training like Super cropping is when you crush the stem with your fingers then fold the stem right where you crushed it. When it heals its stronger and able to pass more fluids ie nutrients through the stem/branch then before. Bending them allows the rest of the branches to catch up to the main stem and spreads it out to create more budsites. Topping makes the plant grow 2 mains and fimming makes 4 or sometimes more main stems. Since you’re new to growing try a few different things on just a few of your plants. Let the rest do their thing. Ask lots of questions and use the search button there’s a bunch of info on here. We are all here to help each other

Where the stem of a leave meets the stem is a node. At each node is a growth tip. This will become a branch with a colas at the end.

You can use the cage to flatten and spread the branches.

can you help me know where or how to make a cage, and i am assuming this is for indoor plants?

6ft lol , my dreams fingers crossed , been having crappy weather in ct. June 59 degrees. :frowning:

Sorry it’s rough up there in the cold north, you grow autos outdoors? They may be easier to grow in shorter warm season you have

I have indoors and outdoor. White widow, and purple Haze

I have indoors and outdoor. White widow and purple Haze

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Sorry if I repeat still getting use to this

What do you think of lollypopping the plant?


Google Photos

Needs to be much bigger but I do see better results in the finished product for sure!

I only lollipop when going into flower cycle . If I was more attentive to the plants I would cut away weaker growth from the plant as it grew to not waste energy on useless branches.