When to pot clones

So I took a few cuttings of a Chemdog and my Green Crack i have going atm decided to do a bit of a ghetto cloning with just 2 solo cups anywhoo 1 out of the 4 have thrown out roots for me there are probably about 4 roots popping through the peat puck my question is when is it the rite time to pot it with some soil

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I would do it now. Use a well aerated mix, keep under a humidity dome for a few days to let it harden off.

I have been dusting my exposed roots before transferring to soil with Mychorizae innoculant with great success, if you have some.


I appreciate the quick response lol ill be tossing her i to some dirt later when I get home from work and all I have is a rooting powder which ill end up using


Good luck!