When to plant outdoors in Australia

Hi guys just wondering I have a couple of seedlings growing Indoors under light in a propagation box. When is it time to take them outdoors and let them flourish. Btw I’m in Melbourne Australia. Cheers for the help

Welcome! I’m an Australian member will be along shortly. We have few.
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I’m near Melbourne too and it’s been getting down to 4°C here at night so personally I’d wait a little longer.

Days are getting warmer already though so maybe a few weeks? I have a couple outside in my greenhouse and they are growing fine, just very slowly. I’m surprised they are still alive to be honest :laughing:

You could start taking them outside on nice days and bring them in at night so they are warmer. I know a lot of people do that.


Thanks dex!

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Thanks DeX. I just don’t have the confidence in Melbourne weather :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it changes 4 times a day lol. I’ll wait another couple of weeks temp at night is still around 9-11 degrees. But daylight saving hits soon yay!!.

I know exactly what you mean. Beautiful one day, then pouring rain 10 minutes later :rofl:

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@greenthumbandy Super silver haze has taken me 2 days to germinate nice strong taproot and is a hardy strain plant 90% sativa 10% indica and its dealing great with the tropical weather in australia east central coast nsw, i highly recommend it, its also a relative to super lemon haze ! Peace

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I’m growing California dream and zkittles. I’m dying to get these bad boys outside!! Peace mate


Hi @Greenthumbandy and welcome, I’m in NZ and I’m sure we are colder than you atm. Highs of 16-17 and nights 4-7’s. I have put mine out on a balcony but covered with frost cloth at nights for first couple of weeks. I was bringing other ones inside at night.
With yours I would take them out for a few hours at a time each day for a couple days to get them used to it then leave them out for good :+1::sunflower:

Hi @Downundergirl thanks for the advice I’m gonna start doing that tomoz it’s going to be 25 in Melbourne!! :ok_man::grin: bring on nice weather.

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