When to move seedlings outside


Hi, I just started my grow for the summer and was wondering when can I put my seedlings outside. This will be my 2nd outside grow. Last year when I did this they went into flower and I had to reveg them! The quality was crap! My seedlings are 4 days old under a T-5 and I have a small LED grow light. I have looked online and I’m overwhelmed. Should I just leave the lights on 14 hrs like daylight is now and then move them when they are bigger?


As long as you have nights above 50°, you can move them outdoors. I’m guessing you’re in a southern state by your name @Duke1. If so spring has sprung for us and you can go outdoors. If you’re concerned, bring them in at night until you are ready to transplant.


I would leave the lights on more than 14… do 18-6, in my opinion, I would wait until they get larger with larger root system before transplant to outside… @Duke1


@Zombo yes that’s what I have them on now! My concern is when I do put them outside when they are larger won’t they go into flower? Thank you for your input.


@Zombo they will be in smartpots once I transplant them😀


@skgrower lol no I’m in Massachusetts. Patty and my brother always called me Duke as a kid! Ever hear of Patty Duke? If your younger you may of not😀


It may be better to leave them to veg inside until the days get longer if you can


Evening, just reading thru and caught your topic, i.agree with all. Night temp, 18\6 light. But as what happened last year is a common unless ur doing autos. Are you gonna put them in the ground or just in the fabric air pots, I take it they are fems not autos. Maybe kepping them inside the first few weeks and then, out for the day in for the night a couple days, not in direct sunlight as going from t5 to ball of burning gas can ruin thier day, only for a few days then let them.do what comes naturally and tear it up. Im.in mich so I get it. Like tempering them.to go wild.


Used to watch it all the time as a kid. If you’re in Ma then spring usually ain’t sprung until June- ish. Sorry I thought you might have gone to Duke in North Carolina @Duke1


Ok I’m going to go against the conventional wisdom here … Your local weather will dictate … I have and did this year again get my girls out in the cold. I did bring them in on a couple of 28 degree nights.
That looks like a 24in t5 light, I don’t think these lights are good for much longer than a couple weeks (my experience). After that they will maintain but your growth will slow a lot .
The temp the 1st night my girls stayed out all night this grow was about 38. They were out in temps down to 34. they have been out since 1 April. They will survive these temps long you have no frost. They will not survive 32 degrees. As long as your days warm to mid upper 40s or higher the colder temps will slow a bit but not damage.
And when the temps rise you’ll see burst of growth… hope I made some since




I was going to wait a few weeks until they are bigger. I do have grow lights that I can put up if need be. Thank you for your input.


@Duke1. @Sasquatch is 100 percent right…even though they are tough plants frost can kill…mine got frosted on one time this year but I was lucky! My plants have been out since easter weekend…but like I said I got lucky!


Hey @Duke1 I from mass as well and I would wait till they grow bigger. Usual once memorial day hits you are good. A friend in Maine would say in the ground by fathers day and your good. Just watch the extended forecast and you can get an idea if any bad weather is coming. On nice days like this when they get a little bigger bring them outside and bring back in when light is fading and back under T5.


You can keep them from flowering due to long nights early in the summer. Just go out around 11 PM and hit them with some light for around 15 minutes. Doesn’t require a very bright light. Even a 100 watt desk lamp would do. Some outside growers use lanterns or flashlights. It’s a hormonal thing: The light disrupts the flowering response.


Hi, right now I still have them in a very small tent inside with a 300 watt led light. My plants are under the lights for 18/6. I do have two grow lights that I can screw in on the light fixture on my deck! Do you think if I start putting them outside and leave the deck lights on until midnight do you think they we’ll be safe and not go into flower? I did this last year after they started to flower because I put them outside May 26th obviously too early. I don’t want them to go into flower then reveg again. My plant’s grew funny looking leaves took forever to regrow normal leaves again and the weed wasn’t that great. Thank you for any input


I’m running out of room in this small tent. Plants are 4 weeks old today and getting bigger every day. I’m going to transplant them for a second once outside to 5 gallon smart pots. Does anyone know if it’s bad for the plant to keep transplanting them? I was going to put them into a 2 gallon then to a 5 but not sure if it’s too much on the plant. Right now they are in a 1 gallon and at first red solo cup. Still so so much to learn. Thank you for any input.


Hey @Duke1, it’s not good to keep doing it, transplanting them that is but you should be good…but put in the 5 gallon pots because 2 wouldn’t be enough for them…also water them super good after you do and you should be great…


There’s nothing wrong with transplanting up, i’m a big believer in it. It won’t harm them at all.


Hello @Duke1 I have done that in the past and it’s probably time to transplNt, since they are photos it’s not a problem how many times they get transplanted, just try and not disrupte the root system.

Since they are on 18/6 schedule if you use your natural sun during the day I would add supplemental lighting at night and they shouldn’t go into flowering. Hopes this helps