When to move auto to big lights

I haven’t got anything but great advice from this forum, so I’m back with another question.

I have a few photos going right now and just recently started some autos. I’m not super familiar with autos and have this girl 8 days from sprout. She is currently under a small grow light in a lamp. I am curious on when I should move it under some bigger lights. It will be moving under a 100w board led.

Also, at this age does she just need misting from a spray bottle for awhile? I overwatered the photos I have in the beginning and am just cautious about that now.

Thanks for your help!


Mist the inside of a clear solo cup and dome the seedling unless your grow space RH is 65-75%, temp range of 76-85. Water about a shot glass or 2 around the dome every 3 days or so, removing the dome periodically for fresh air and to re-mist. Remove the dome completely when the leaves are touching the inside and transplant to final pot. For lighting I would suggest a meter or the phone app called PHOTONE and set the DLI to 18-20 at 24/0 for these 1st 2 weeks of the seedling period :love_you_gesture: nice healthy looking sprout Growmie


It’s been under a clear solo cup and I have been taking it off for a few hours here and there and misting the cup again. The room is ~65%rh and ~70-75 degrees.

Other than wetting the soil when planting she hasn’t had any water yet. I will put the cup back on for a bit, water about an ounce or two and let it ride out.

I do have them in 5 gallon pots so I won’t need to transplant but I can move them under the light when they touch the inside of the cup. I always forget about that app and will check it out, thanks!


My recommendation would be to start the seeds in solo cups next go round Grow Bro, it can get difficult watering the tiny seedlings in big pots. Using a solo cup allows better root development…smaller area to judge dampness and faster root development :love_you_gesture:


Giving tent space to an unproven seedling can be un-productive.
Love the solo cup seedling method with domes and clones.

Good growing to you.