When to harvest

I started my 12/12 light - dark cycle on June 1st this is my first grow i was wondering when and how i would know when it was time to harvest? thanks

This is addressed several times a week. I suggest that you download and read our free grow bible.

When to harvest us a personal choice. There are 3 stages of trichome development.

  1. Clear - This indicates that the plant is ready to produce THC
  2. Cloudy - This means the trichome has filled up with THC
  3. Amber - The THC is starting to deteriorate

You monitor trichomes and when there is 1/3 Clear, !/3 Cloudy, !/3 Amber; Most growers flush and begin to finish the plant.

A higher % of amber trich’s produces more of a 'couchlock" medical effect. While a lower % of amber, meaning that there is a higher % of Clopudy trich’s produces more of an up high effect; Going to work.

Some growers like to get 50/50% of Cloudy and Amber. :slight_smile:


oh, BTW. You need a 60-100X magnifier pocket telescope, or jewelers loupe to see the trichomes.

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Thank you very much for your assistance.