When to harvest White Widow?


First grow since legalization in Oregon. I’m growing White Widow in 30 gallon pots outside, the plants are on a drip system. They germinated the last week of May, we replanted them in the large pots around May 27, and are using a special mix sold here in S Oregon that works nicely. They are 18 inches tall as of June 16, 2016. July and August are hot here, frequently in the 90s, and the snag is that I won’t be at home, starting August 4. Should I try to get them to flower early, or would it be okay to wait until returning to S Oregon late in August to harvest?


I’m a newbie here, but a veteran farmer (corn/soybeans), and weather-wise, you should be good through September before freeze worries. The question seems to be more about “ripeness.” From what I’ve studied, I wouldn’t worry much. If you’re a little late in the harvest, it probably will be ok and only affect the body vs head stoniness. Happy growing!