When to harvest this outdoor sour diesel

This is my first time growing sour diesel. Can any experts out there give me there opinion on whether or not she is ready to be cut down or if she needs a little longer? Appreciate any help!

@Chefweedude looks like a couple more weeks. Still some white pistils she will bulk up. She looks good otherwise. HAPPY GROWING


Get yourself a little magnifier that allows you to get a good look at the trichromes. Trichromes that are milky/white will provide an energetic/heady high indicative of Sativas. Trichromes that are amber provide a relaxing/body buzz indicative of Indicas.


As I delve into the world of growing my own the fun part about it is there is so much to learn, I never knew that depending when you harvest due to the color of the trichomes that this could determine the couch lock high or the high that I prefer, lets organize my closet or get creative with food kind of high. Thanks for the response!

I know these pics aren’t the best but I tried to get some pics through the magnifying glass. Does it provide any insight on harvesting?Uploading: 203D5EAC-B934-4206-9D71-63FAFC49F6BF.jpeg… Uploading: 759803C4-3B7B-4303-9750-D381F11E338F.jpeg…

@Chefweedude try downloading the pic’s again they didn’t come thru

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