When to harvest this little auto?

hi all I have this auto I Don’t know the strain but she is old 2months and 10 days. When to harvest or should I wait maybe the bud get more big? And when to stop nutis?

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Hi there !
Before harvest make sure you flush your soil of all nutrients so that way your bud won’t have a chemicals taste. I suggest that you should wait a little longer those buds look too small. Once the hairs turn to amber Ideally is time to harvest. Your buds could grow a little more. Once you flush your plant the bottom leaves will start to yellow and all leftover nutes will go towards your buds. Don’t be afraid to lollipop either. :+1:t2:

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how much water do you use to flush a 5 gal bag

You still have plenty of time to go. I would guess at least 1 month…maybe longer.