When to harvest? Soon? Wait?

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Curious when I need to harvest I know not yet, this pic was taken about a week ago. Plant today is 9 weeks and two days old exactly. Plant has clear bulbs not yet milky maybe a few about halfway. What’s next? Only water no mutes the last few weeks? When’s the perfect time for the best high in everyone’s opinion? Any idea if you can tell how much bud it will produce a guess anyways? More pics will be posted later when I get home!


You have weeks to go. Those buds will fatten up, and when the hairs have almost all turned red, check your trichomes on the flowers, not sugar leaves. Ignore the bottom graph…


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I’m with @Borderryan22 you had like 3 to 5 weeks just see went all thricomes are cloudy

Continued feed her

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Agree with above you have weeks to go, still way to many white hairs. Also like posted go back to feeding her, you did to good a job to her this far, to starve her now. Also this is an opinion so if don’t want to up to up, took pic, take off these little bud sites. They will be small little buds, and they are taking away from your bigger flowers they will start to thicken up. Normally you want to take off the bottom 1/3 of bud sites. Not worth it, just my 2 cents up to you
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My bad having issues uploading pics :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve never heard of taking off bud sights to help?! I guess that would make the main cola bigger possibly but would that give more bud or less than just keeping the smaller buds? @Graysin @LearnasUgrow @Borderryan22 @OGIncognito

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Like said my 2 cents, everyone one has there own preference, but would you rather have 10-15 dense thick buds or 30 small light airy buds sites. If I am wrong Please correct me. I would hate to give wrong or bad info. Only have 2 grows under belt. But I LST the crap out of mine cause height is an issues I deal with. So Pease correct me if wrong


13-14 weeks from start to finish on average

Normally, but not on a plant that size. Most start trimming every thing from 1’ down. Most of that will just be larf that really doesn’t produce much. The purpose is to stop feeding the throw always stuff and get more nutes to the keeper buds :grin:

It would be similar to this. Nothing down here is going to get much light so it all gets trimmed away.


A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

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Thank u guys, I thought I was in the right track, probably just need to word it better,

I didn’t not believe you man. Just wanted to double check first is all before I started snipping lol

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110% agree with you, I got have gotten so much good info and everyone on this forum is so amazing, I would hate to give the wrong info. Don’t worry about it, But you have done such a great job so far, would hate to mess anything up. Best of luck and happy growing

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I see you’re already squared away but yes it’s pretty common practice to snip off the lowest little buds that won’t get much light, because they will waste valuable plant energy. Without them, the plant can focus on the main growth that does get good light and airflow. :v:

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