When to harvest purple haze continued

I use the carson the plants are still growing new sugar leaves on the buds those trichomes are clear obviously. I have hard time judging trichomes as this is my first grow. They seem clear to me. Despite some are mostly cloudy depending on what part of bud I look at. Then some are clear with what looks like a red dot in the bubble not sure if it’s amber? However it’s like day 76 of my 12 12 cycle. I think the two in the back need longer the pistols are still white and the fan leaves are healthy and the buds continue to ripen. Is it normal for purple haze strain to have such a wide harvest window or did I fuck something up? The pic with the scope is one of the colas from the plants in the rear the first pic is from the one I think is ready.



I found Purple Haze to be a racy strain and might benefit from a little longer maturation. It’s an easy plant to grow and had decent yields.

It would be a lot easier to see how close you are if you put up pics in white light. One overall shot of the plant to see how mature it is will help too…


Hey sorry bud would of responded sooner but I was not aware of post limits as I was adjusting to forum. Here were the pics as of yesterday. At this link.

I chopped the second one down and left the other two standing. The first plant the runt I hung dry branches without trimming for four days before trimming. Then at day 7 I put one hanger into a paper bag and hung until day14. The rest air dried on hangers until day 13 I ended up with over 160 grams. Started curing yesterday.

So yesterday I chopped branches and wet trimmed and now I’m thinking I will just hang dry for 14 days. The weed in the bag does smell better then the stuff I hung, but I have feeling once it cures hang drying will better a product then bag right?

Also I’m very happy with the results as this is my first grow. I bought 10 ILGM purple haze feminized seeds. Everyone popped but I had to kill my first five seeds in veg my first run as I couldn’t put my 1000whps light that only came with a 250v plug that I had to convert an electrical outlet for on a timer.

Anyway as I intend on smoking all my buds. I am going to need a stock pile of some indacoutch next. I would love to try growing some indica next. I plan on going through ILGM I would love to bullshit with some one who knows more then me and would be willing to show me how to get the most with what I have. Attached are pics of were im at now. I need to consider soil options pot sizes and strains for my footprint. I’d be happy increasing efficiency through yield size increases or decreases in relation to quality and turnaround time. I’m aware of my trade offs and limitations. The purple haze seeds were put in the ground in mid march. I know I waisted allot of time in veg learning to trim and train more efficiently hoping the runt would catch up. That aside I know someone can help me increase my operational efficiency as my strategic goal shifts from growing my self cracksativa weed to some potent Indica.