When to harvest plant

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I have 3 autoflowering varieties and I don’t have a magnifying glass.
the seed label says 75 days of cycle. is it an approximate? exact? can it be cut before or after that time?

ready to harvest? 60 days autoflower


Looks like you still have a couple/few weeks. See all those white hairs on the buds? When most of them have changed to red/brown than you are close to the harvest window and then time to zoom up on the trichs with a magnifier and wait for mostly cloudy trichs with a few ambers then it’s prime time to harvest.


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Almost all breeders and seed banks tell you the amount of flowering time, not the total time of growth from start to finish. If it is total growth time, the verbage should make it obvious(e.g. 80 days from sprout). Also, those times are under perfect conditions. On average, you can expect a grow to take two weeks longer than predicted.


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I am so sorry but I can not figure out how to start a new post! I am new to growing (and the forums).
I have an Autoflowering Satvia, and was wondering if it is ready to harvest. Thank you for any replies, even if it helps me find the ‘Create new post’ button.

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Thank you beardless for the help. It may have been my trust level as well though its all good now. I have started a new post instead, link below.

wsp bro! the trichomes should be milky white in color. and your pistils if you want a UP effect should be between 70-90% dark / brown.
You have a harvest window of one to two weeks! Trichomes are the most effective way to find the right point.