When to harvest? pics included

I have been growing for about a year, started with auto’s but moved on to photo’s. I grow legally, and in my state the maximum number of plants I can grow over 5 inches is 5. So my goal has become to find my favorite plant and grow it in a 2 x 4 tent. Take clones under 5 inches and root them with the mother, transplant 2, top them, let the roots take in their final bag and then move into a larger tent to veg into a scrog and flower. I currently have a harvest coming up any day now. I have 1 Bruce Banner and 1 Black Widow in this grow, and most likely only the Bruce Banner after this grow. The Black Widow looks nicer wet (as did the gorilla glue I phased out), but dry the Bruce Banner is nice and dense and stoney. It seems to be mold resistent as well.

So, It’s just about time to harvest, my past 2 runs I have been fighing off bud rot, and let the plants go as long as I could but harvested to prevent further damage as opposed to finding perfect Tricomes and whatnot. It has worked out to be around week 11 after the flip.

How do you guys measure your time from the flip? I’ve seen 8 week harvest times published here, I assume that’s after the stretch not after the flip, so 3 weeks to stretch, 8 weeks to flower puts me at week 11. The current grow was flipped on labor day, so 11 weeks was this past Monday. The tricomes range from clear to amber depending on which bud or part of the plants I look at.

pls let me know your thoughts…








sorry some pics are better than others, I can only see the thumbnail, these are from a few min ago

There were a couple super amber I can’t seem to locate. I need to run out but will post more pics when I get back. Any advice or comments are welcome.



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I start my harvest at 9 weeks. I can do a partial harvest and let the lower branches mature. I also allow for more amber in later harvest. I use this to make my bedtime medicine.

Watch this video. It’s just 10 minutes and it’s a real stress reliever.

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

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9 weeks from the flip or 9 weeks past the stretch (seems to take 2-3 weeks)

thanks for the feedback, and wil watch the video when i get home

Probably somewhere between.

I count starting when the buds actually start. It’s fine for me because I tend to go longer. The video tells what to look for and what to expect. It is not strain specific, but what is covered applies to all. Your timing may vary depending on your growing conditions, but trichome development is key.