When to harvest outdoor


I have 12 outdoor plants that a month old about what month the harvest for outdoor plants this is my first time doing outdoor and so far i like it better than indoor but i was told that there is a certin month out of the year for the harvest


No matter what strain, no matter indoor or outdoor, the total weeks or months of a grow are only a very loose guide, it kinda depends on your personal preference, some people prefer all the trichomes milky white while others prefer the trichomes mostly amber. Most seem to settle on a 1/4 to 1/2 of the trichomes to have turned amber. As a general rule, the more milky white — the more of a sativa (more cerebral) like high, and the more amber — more of an indica (more relaxing body and couch-lock) like high. Some people find without enough amber trichomes the high feels a little edgy and uncomfortable, mostly in sativa dominant plants. As to the hairs, they are only a rough guide, the trichome development will be at the above stated levels when the hairs are about 50% - 100% brown/reddish/orange, you should have a 40-60 times jeweler’s loupe or magnifyer so you can see your trichomes and have a more accurate way to tell. They will start out looking perfectly clear, like a little crystal mushroom forest, then they will gradually become more and more milky white with some starting to just barely turn amber, this is when most people would probably harvest, especially with indica dominant plants.


I like to say that the more amber the trichomes, (deteriorating thc), you get more of a “couchlock” experience, while harvesting with a higher % of clear and milky trichomes will give you more of an up high experience.

Indica and Sativa are vastly different, and if harvested at the same stage of THC production and maturity; They are going to give vastly different experience.

All this means is that if you want Indica traits, then buy Indica dominant, and the same for Sativa. Do not be confused and attempt to rely on the trichome coloration to achieve the desired affect.


Thanks yea i have a few indica and a few sativa i just wanna make sure i got enough time to grow a nice op for the year because here in the u.s. the 12-12 days are almist here and i want my plants to vegg for atlease 40 days so far its been in vegg stage for a week it was a seedling for about 2 weeks and it just started vegg but like i said im hopeing i still have 40 more days left in the sesson to vegg


Propagate you Indica seeds. You can definitely get those done. Late September is the start od 12/12. However; Starting with the Summer solstice; Days get shorter. So If you get plants in, days are getting shorter, and you should have a pretty decent overall grow


I start counting my weeks of flower when i see the first white hair. Then ill let them flower for 2 weeks then take them outside. Every thing has to be timed just rite so they want start to veg. again… Where im.imfrom plants start to flower in the secont week of august. And now all my plants are outside and flowering like hell.Im growing white widow and i was wanting to know if anyone no how many weeks do they flower. And am i rite about starting the count weeks of flower when u see the first white hair. Always Thanks