When to harvest, new at this 100%

These are not tall plants and not the big buds like I’ve seen so if someone could guide when the cut and hang I’d appreciate it. They’re still brining new buds at bottom but the tops etc seem to be maybe close to ready??? Any help appreciated

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Almost done. Only about 6 weeks to go.

Glad you posted this vid. I have been looking for it to save as a reference.

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Not sure how long they have been flowering. My guess is between 3 - 4 weeks since pistils emerged. Usually count on 9-10 so sit back, feed them well and take care of them.

First time grower. I hope I got these pics on here? White widow…started outdoors and did poorly…got a grow light and it really helped…now about 12-13 weeks growing…CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF THESE ARE NEAR HARVESTING??? Thanks

It looks like they are just a couple weeks into flower. Probably a solid 8 weeks. Nice photos.

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Yeah you have a while to go. Most of those white hairs will change color and curl back into bud. Looking good keep up the good work

Nice looking lady. She still has a while 2 go

Happy growing

Thanks. Any idea how much longer??