When to Harvest Marijuana Plants?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I am a rookie grower and bought 10 of your Gold leaf seeds ealrier this year, which yielded 6 plants. I got started in late June and realize that was a bit of a late start. I attached two pics taken earlier today of the progress grown outdoors. I have downloaded your harvesting instructions and reviewed them.

When I blow up the pics on my phone (and look thru a magnifying glass inspecting the plant in the open sunlight), I see round milky resin today. Like the middle picture in your guide - no amber shown. The pistals are looking redder this week. The lighting outdoors can be tricky, depending on time of day, so I took close-up photos.

I would appreciate your opinion. If you have a minute, please take a look an advise if my pics appear consistent with your 60-80% range on the pistals and any other comments?

I could harvest one or two plants and stagger the others, but I thought I’d ask your opinion. Weather here is still pretty warm high 60’s/low 70’s during the day with 50’s at night. No freeze or frost in sight in Massachusetts, USA.


Awesome looking plants first of all!!

As for readiness, just judging from the pistils in your pics, I’d say you have 2-4 weeks left. Just in my opinion.

If you could post an up-close picture of the trichomes (resin filled ‘mushrooms’). That is really a better method of judging ripeness. Depending on what type of stone you seek, you want cloudy/milky trichomes with dark red pistils that curl and cover the buds. Those trichomes will start to turn amber which turns up the CBD and couch-lock affect. The more amber the trichs = the heavier the stone. I like em at about 10-20% amber.


Its hard to say from those pics but definitely not ready for few more weeks my friend