When to harvest for head high

Hey there guys and gals! BigCat here. Im looking for a real good head high on these strains so I’m not chasing amber. When would be a good time to harvest. Week 8 of flower now. All ILGM strains grown in coco. Started my flush last Saturday and ice cubes around the trunks to increase THC production starting today. Some are more done than others and I figure I’ll have to chop and cure separately so I’ve bought a mini tent to do so. Any Input is appreciated thank you all

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Im trying to figure a timeline to harvest on these strains if im allowing for up to 14 days of hang drying before moving to a jar cure for a month or 2 because I’m quickly running out of room in my veg tent and those girls need to be flipped soon. I imagine the GSC Extreme and GOG #1 will be the first to get the chop as most the hairs have changed in color and im seeing a lot of milky trichs


High there. For an up high or “head” as you mentioned; you would want to harvest with minimum amber trichs. Keep in mind that trichomes mature even after harvest.

Also; Know that trichomes are merely vessels to contain thc. Clear means “pretty” but, no thc. You want the trichomes cloudy (most potent thc) for a head high. Disclaimer: Harevesting early with sativas can lead to anxiety stress for a couple minutes. Control your breathing.

I hope I did not overload you. :slight_smile:


Lol I understood all that but the very last part about harvesting sativas early. Right now im just trying to figure out how much longer to let these ladies go before I chop them because I know some are more done than the others. I was thinking the GOG #1 and the GSC extreme might be done this weekend but then again im not sure how fast those trichomes will change on me in the coming days and im also trying to account for the change after its cut like you said


Well then; I guess we are all good. My eyesight makes it harder to dial in all the nuance of your post. I thoughtyou asked a question and replied in kind.

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Just trying to figure out how much longer the specific strains might need till ready for harvest. I plan on updating this post with new pics when I can but its so damn hard to get pics with my microscope and shaky hands

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I look forward to your finish. :slight_smile:

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Took pictures of the calyxes. One from top and bottom on each strain and plant to get a better idea of the trichome colors. Also note my strawberry cough is in there too. Shes the smallest of the bunch and I forgot to put her in the previous post but also week 8 flower




Definitely getting close but still see many clears so I’d give them all another week and then re-evaluate.

I’ll try and upload some more pics sometime next week close to Friday and we will check them out again. Thanks everyone for the help!

Some clear mixed with cloudy try to get all cloudy

@Thumper you were curious about the shooting powder heres what its done for me so far in mix with the bud xl

I found like 5 or 6 nanners on the GSC Extreme. Tempted to give her the cut tonight but from what I’ve read the damage is probably already done