When to harvest for best CBD?

I’m growing “high” CBD strains. Do I use the same amber trichome method to determine best time to harvest? Do all cannabidiols in the trichomes reach maturity at the same time?

That seems to be a hot question. Let Purps answer that one!

Ive researched this exact topic to no ends. The consensus seems to be, Genetics are the key. So to say, waiting extended periods doesnt increase CBDs. It increases CBN (what thc breaks down too). Now CBD and THC effect each other VERY DIFFERENTLY then CBD and CBN (sleepy meds).

So in that case, CBD content is basically decided from birth. And it ripens first (before 100% cloudy) and doesnt breakdown nearly as quickly as THC (amber pistils are degraded thc). So the harvest window is wide open. Id love to see some lab tests confirming it either way… but studies just not quite there.

Long story short. If ur harvesting the CBDs for a topical or nonpothead to use medically? Id definitely harvest at as close to all cloudy as possible.
If its for a pothead, amber wont hurt a bit
If its for sleepy meds, the more amber the better


Thanks @PurpNGold74.
You say CBD ripens first (before THC). Have you found a good reference for when the different elements reach maturity, and degrade? I would like to learn more.

Honestly? Most of it was word from other growers on other forums. The scientific part hasnt really caught up there. Id love to quote sources but to link those threads would be frownd upon.

Yup CBD ripens and lasts longer then THC. Think it was more along the lines of shortly after u see trichs, the cbd count should be approaching peak. And stays at peak

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