When to harvest first time grow!

These plants started in the first week of July and flowering well I think I’m in about week 6 or 7 of flower just wondering if anyone had any Input on how long I have to harvest I am new to this and really nervous about harvesting early/late. Thank you!


Welcome to the community!! Your plants look great but I think they are a little ways from harvest I will tag some who know more than me. @oldmarine @kellydans @PurpNGold74

Another 4 weeks or so IMO.


Agree with @Myfriendis410 . You have a lot of fresh, white pistils which means she is still adding weight.
Wait for most(all) of them to turn dark then look close at trichomes for the fine tune date of harvest.



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Actually most of those pistols look like foxtails I’d give it closer to 1.5 weeks

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Thank you all for the input I’m very anxious to harvest and I don’t want to jump the gun. I’m going to get a jewelers loupe to be able to look at the tricombs.

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Is it auto or photos .you can take autos to week 8-9 and most photos up to 12 weeks for flowering .but i would say you have at least three weeks to go maybe four weeks

These are gorilla glue autos. I’m gonna give it about 2 weeks and check again but I think your right! @Tezza2

Im only goin by what i have experienced in my last grow mine went three weeks over what they r on the packet

So, at what point did you harvest… and what strain was it?
My outdoor autoflower GDPs were moved out of direct sun and no water in week 10, and harvested in week 12… drying now.

Hell y’all! I harvested in the 20th so it was like week 10 of flower. I was hesitant to harvest I wanted to give it enough time. Most white stigmas were gone and mostly cloudy tricombes from what I could see now setting up to dry! I had some mistakes that stunted the growth and yield on some but not bad for a first grow. I’m just glad i got something out of it! Thank y’all for the help!