When to harvest...first "test" plant for a complete Noob

For reference this is RQS Diesel Automatic. From the reading I have done it seems like it is good to go or very close? I may have had some nutrient and/or PH issues the last few weeks. Thanks in advance for any and all input.

Also regarding the fan leaves, some of them are definately turning yellow. I assume I can dry these out for a few days and use in edible etc?

DO NOT HARVEST YET BRO THEY WILL PACK ON WEIGHT AND GET FAT AND STICKY. This is my RQS Auto Diesel around 11-12 weeks [Uploading: 20180627_214500.jpg()

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Thx for reply. I don’t think mine is going to go like that. Needless to say it was grown under less than ideal situations, as it was a “test” plant and I am still trying to get my footing. I guess my main concern was the trichome “maturing” to much. So the number of pistols turning “red/rusty” isn’t close yet? I will try to get a jewelers loupe and see what I see :smiley:

Yea once about 70 to 80% of your pistols change to orange then its time to start checking tricomes

If your plant is anything like mine, it looked a lot like yours until the Last two weeks. It didn’t fatten, trichs/pistols hardly changed. I didn’t see noticable maturation in the plant until the flush phase. Definitely get a handheld microscope/loupe and let it go as long as possible. My plant was very resilient to nutrients for being an auto, I used Fox Farms/Bushdoctor nutes at 1/2 strength, Orca Mycorrhizae & Mammoth P at full as well as a mix of FF Happy Frog/Ocean Forest soil, and of my 5 strains, the RQS auto Diesel showed the least nutrient issues, with Hindu Kush & White Widow coming in 2nd & 3rd, with Critical Ogre being the least susceptible to nutrients. Best of luck with your plant(s) homie!

I vote it has a long way to go. Good luck!