When to harvest amnesia haze auto

Woo-hoo, congrats on the taste and strong buzz! Isn’t it great to grow it yourself, I love it!

Sorry about your fallen bud, but it’s good that it’s done anyway. Yeah, wow 80% over there on a good day! During our driest times, our humidity can get into single digits. Until recently, I haven’t had a humidity reader, so I’ll be interested to know what our humidity will be during out “humid” time of the year, ~ July to early-September.

Did you get the Boveda packs, or another brand?

@Twilve1 Hell yeah it’s awesome to grow/smoke your own, especially bc the dispensary is almost out of flower ALL the time! About to harvest the 8 amnesia and northern lights tonight and move the others into the big tent and do LST…gonna be a looong night :rofl: Thank god for Trim Bins so you can watch tv and trim at the same time lol

That’s insane that you’re humidity can get that low lol that’s like foreign for here :laughing: I got the integra brand at the local Growers Choice, but I’ll have to get the boveda brand next time jus to try them out and see which are best :thinking: I never even heard of them til you mentioned it but when I googled it, seems like those are the original ones! :upside_down_face:

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Enjoy working with the girls!

Thanks, yeah, I do believe I’ve heard of Boost packs. It seems that most folks on this forum like Boveda. I’ll check out Boost, though.

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@Twilve1 Do you trim all the baby leaves off the buds before you dry them?? They’ve got so many trichs on them I don’t want to cut them off yet :laughing:

Check out the haul :sunglasses: …not even close to being done trimming and I did find one more plant with nanners seeds beside the bud :confused:


Looks good!

More nanners, wow.

I kept on the leaves that surround the buds, and of course the sugar leaves, then I’ll dry trim, since my humidity is low, so maybe you want to remove more since you have high humidity? Poke around; it seems there are different ways to do that and what to do with sugar leaves. My last little plant had so many sugar leaves; I have a jar packed with them, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet.

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@Twilve1 Oh good! I kept the surrounding leaves and some sugar leaves but I think ur right about the humidity and maybe trimming them a little extra for air flow so I don’t get mold…I figured I’d do a final manicure once dried if need be. But I didn’t finish, probably got half done! Too many damn plants…and to think I have more this second grow AND they’re photos…:joy: :woman_facepalming: It’s a lot of work lol oh and I ran out of room on my drying rack so I had to get creative until tomorrow and I used a newspaper holder and clipped the stems up with the LST clips I had :laughing: I hope the ones I didn’t trim or hang will be ok until tomorrow! :grimacing:


wow, that looks amazing! :slight_smile:

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@nicholas1 Thank you!!! :slightly_smiling_face: Still have a LOT more to go :joy:

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Wow, what a haul, GREAT-looking bathroom!

Here’s a pic of my current plant. She’s smelling so good of citrus, pine, and skunk. I snapped off a couple larger fan leaves, chopped near the base, and hung the whole thing over a clothes hanger. The first time/plant, I separated the branches after a day, which I shouldn’t have done due to our low humidity.


@Twilve1 She’s gorgeous!! :star_struck::star_struck: Is that purple I see!? I definitely prefer cutting the the V branches to dry versus cutting the stems separately (I saw both ways done so I tried both), the V cut ones like yours dried at a perfect rate even with my crazy humidity lol. I also ended up having to buy a “stack it” drying rack bc I ran out of hanging room :joy: Definitely wouldn’t need it for only a couple plants tho, it’s like 3 ft wide :roll_eyes: