When to harvest amnesia haze auto

Congrats! Looks like you did a great job!

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Outstanding! Congrats on the diligent efforts. Don’t take short cuts now, drying and curing is as important as the actual grow! A few more weeks and you will be rewarded! :pray:

Just popped my first AMN; she is at one week old yesterday! Hope they look as tasty as yours in about 15 weeks!

Best of luck.

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You are hereby notified to provide a written report after you experience
this kick ass weed.


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@Twilve1 I definitely will update lol​:joy::joy: After all…that’s the TRUE test of a good grow!!:laughing: I got the
“dry room” 71 degrees/ 47-50% humidity and it seems to be drying at a nice pace so far!:grin:

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Sweeeet! “Lucky!” on the humidity. The humidity in my house is 18-22% these days, but around the same temp.

So yeah, we look forward to the smoke report! :crazy_face: :partying_face:

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@Twilve1 hey wanted to jump in an let y’all kno very nice grows both y’all but LST is awesome really allows light to hit dark spots n all sudden u got a branch n flower sticking out where never was it is awesome, an u fan can tuck leaves as well. I’m fairly new to all this but my results from LST r phenomenal


I’m showing off my racy girl with a pic from this morning - she developed a racing stripe leaf. (upper right leaf) :racing_car: :fallen_leaf:


@Twilve1 i had the same thing on one of my plants!!:rofl:

Also I think I found some nanners😕


@Steelhrt72 I didn’t LST the first grow bc of autoflower and it being my first time, but the 2nd round I’m definitely doing it! The new ones are feminized too so should go smoothly. My first plants were straight Christmas trees​:joy::joy::joy: They were chasing the light also in the beginning so they got real spacey and tall

I saw some of your pics … thems girls were beautiful n amazing for your first grow. :blush: Be proud …yea my one blueberry is like that n the branch got to heavy n almost snapped I got it jus in time n have a rope holding it up… but my others r so bushy I wanna trim but I’m so nervous to f up…


Now idk if it’s caus of lst I did or if plants do it anyway but my nl I LST IS SO BUSHY

an my other nl is tall n not bushy


this one stretched but kinda slowed down


@Steelhrt72 Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: Your plants look awesome! Even the less bushy one is way more bushy at that age than mine were without LST :laughing: I feel as long as none have died the first grow then it’s a success lmao :joy::joy::joy: But it sure is hard getting your setup just right! I definitely think I induced the hermie affect by causing a lot of stress when I switched to a way bigger tent and more powerful lights :woman_facepalming: Yet another lesson learned lol

I trimmed my autos and I dk if it helped or not really, I did it bc of space at the time so more buds would get light but I also read in the grow Bible not to prune autos…I see a lot of ppl doing it tho :woman_shrugging: So who knows…that could of stressed my plants too!:laughing:

Just transplanted these a few days ago from solo cups…1st time transplanting and luckily they seem to be really happy in their pots! I f’d up by planting too many (13) thinking I had the room in the big tent but forgot those are in flower and the light schedule is 12/12, so I had to cram them in the 4x4 tent jus for now until I can put the big ones in the 4x4 and babies in 10x10. Totally should of thought that thru before I started lol

I added a c02 setup to my autos this past weekend🤩 Can’t wait to see the difference in the yield!


Nanner, nanner, looks like nanners! Sorry about, but it seems like it’s not such a big deal. I harvested my plant today; as soon as I can I’m going to look in the bud for any seeds.

Is it the top bud that has the nanners? Is it a couple leaves that are yellow (turning pretty purple)? Is that plant getting close to being done?

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It should be close…95 days old NL auto, but all the other 4 have way more orange hairs than that one does. Hers is mostly white and thick! :confused: There’s quite a few nanners within the buds and on some on a couple of the mid range buds. I took her out of the tent bc I didn’t want it to pollinate the others…didn’t find any in those 7 others :woman_shrugging:

This is it in regular light


@Twilve1 im curious as to how many seeds too! Congratulations on the harvest!!! :clap: :star_struck: Regardless of the nanners, that’s still one good looking plant you grew, bet the smoke is going to be awesome!!! Definitely will need a full report :sunglasses:

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@Samantha19d6 I was jus going ask u got co2 running good shit. Supposedly that’s the set up that will make a difference. Jus becareful with how much co2 u have in that room with you. Hey ? U Kno of a good timer my humidity is staying between 22 n 46 cause exhaust fans run 18-6 with my lights at night humidity is ight but day it’s low Im trying to give n do the best I can ya dig it???lol And btw that NL is BEAUTIFUL :heart:… I’m all gitty… that’s awesome :sunglasses: sucks bout it hermie but hey keep them seeds… Lmao Also how long did yourNL take mine starting flower 3weeks n2 days in.jus trying to see how long flower last

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@Steelhrt72 My NL are on day 96, they flowered early but I’ve seen where they could go 120 days :roll_eyes: Seems like the CO2 is working already so hopefully it’ll speed them up!!! Lol it could jus be me tho :laughing: And yeah setting it up was a B****! Totally wasted a lot trying to get it set right and the timer it comes with is confusing as all hell! :joy: Took a good 2 days to get it adjusted properly to where I wasn’t wasting it. But for my other timer I use Vivosun…I think it came with 2 for cheap on Amazon. And they’ve worked well, I live in a humid ass state so I have the opposite problem, I have to run a dehumidifier and have 3 exhaust fans. When I was in veg running 18/6 my humidity would get low tho, then I read on here about doing 6hrs on 2hrs off, still giving them 18 hrs but also giving them a break a couple hrs at a time and that helped soooo much! I run that now and the plants seem to love it and my temp/humidity stays relatively the same!

This is my light timer:

The humidity/thermometers I use are from vivosun too. Spraying the tent walls with a light mist helped regulate my humidity when it got super low like that too! Good luck! Humidity is a pain in the ass :joy::rofl:

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Your plants look great! Congrats on your improved setup!

Wow about all of the nanners on that plant, so it was good to move it from the others just in case.

Same here on potential stressors - it was most likely the change to a much brighter light that caused the nanners. I had been giving her good chunks of sun during most days, so I thought that she wouldn’t mind the bright light … well, not so sure, lol. It was still a change. Likewise, I did some minor pruning around the same time, which I really don’t think helped the outcome with other buds being larger. In fact, the stems on which I pruned ended up with smaller buds, if that was at all related, but I don’t know. Going forward, I think the only pruning I’ll do is the very first set of larfy branch area in veg, which I did do during veg on this plant. I left it on during my first grow, and while it’s actually good smoke, it was just a lot of thick foliage that could be problematic mold-wise. IF I do prune off any lowest bud areas that could be too low on the plant (if I risk getting it wet during watering), then I’ll be sure to do that as early as I can during its growth … or I’ll just be careful during watering, lol.

Shortly after finding the top bud nanner a couple weeks ago, I did also find one small nanner on the bud directly below the top bud. Just before harvest, that same area “kinda” looked like it might be pushing out another nanner.

I did sample my current/harvested plant yesterday … woo-hoo, yeah, she’s good! On Saturday, I cut off one of the lowest popcorn buds that still had a fair amount of white pistils and some clear trichomes. With our 20% humidity, it was well ready by yesterday afternoon. It was a great test of earlier-harvest weed and it surely has a place! It was energizing and numbing without nervousness; I wouldn’t mind having some of that for daytime use. I didn’t LST, so the top bud(s) are more mature with little-to-no clear trichomes, so thus my harvest yesterday. We have a short weather system in, so our humidity is actually a whopping 30% with cooler temps, so the lawngrassinal and haycene terps should be less than with my first plant. I’ll provide a fuller report after investigating and trying the top (and mid) buds. :grin:

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@Twilve1 Sounds like we definitely ran into the same issues​:rofl: But now we know for future grows! That’s awesome your sample smoke was good!!:clap::clap::clap: Well done!!! I sampled my one I topped and she was amazing, the taste was so smooth and the high was stronger than I expected :laughing: So get this…today I went in to the big tent and found one of the plant’s tops had fallen over!! Since it was stretched so much, and the stem was skinny it jus couldn’t hold those big buds :confused: All of them look done now so that c02 did wonders!!!

That’s crazy how low ur humidity is lol I swear it’s like 80% humidity on a good day here​:laughing: Even in the “winter” it’s humid! I bought those humidity packs for curing the bud in jars and wow!! Works so well and they are CHEAP! I bought 50 for .80 cents a piece at my local grow shop. They put in or take out and keep the humidity at 62 and has an indicator that turns color when it needs to be changed. Pretty cool :sunglasses: Tonight starts LST on the baby Gelato and Super Skunk!! Wish me luck lol

Here’s the broken one :slightly_frowning_face: I trimmed her up and hung her to dry tho!