When to harden off and transplant? 4 inch pots ---> 25 gallon pots


I am on my first grow. I have 3 seedlings in 4 inch pots indoors under 2 x 24w T5 lights.

Here is how they look:

They sprouted 12 days ago.

From my research I was under the impression that the goal was to grow them to about 15cm tall in these pots, and then transplant them outdoors to their final homes in the 25 gallon pots. Hardening off somewhere in between.

So my question: just keep at it? Is it ok to grow them that tall in these pots? Or do I need to transplant to a bigger pot before going out to the 25 gallons? Only 1-2 really small roots are showing at the bottom of two of the 4 inch pots so far.

I like to do two transplants ,but that’s just me

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I usually wait until a couple root show at the bottom of the pot.


Question is, how many hours of daylight do you have? Anything less then 13 hours of daylight risks having them flower as soon as they are mature enough. It probably wouldn’t hurt to keep them indoors a little longer.


Ready to up pot when you are…I usually do 3 up pots per plant to final home

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Currently at 13+ hours of daylight and rising. Bought some 8" pots to pot up and grow em a bit more before going outside! Thank you for the advice, everyone!