When to go hydro?


I need advice;
Do I need to wait for my plant to have 5 sets of leaves before growing in the hydroponic pot ? If not, how can I tell when it’s ready? I don’t have b-52 . The only root starter that I have is miracle grow and I’m not sure if that would work.
Help please


@Countryboyjvd1971 please help !
Should my plant have 5 full set of leaves before placing in the hydroponic system? Also adding nutrients ? Any advice is greatly appreciated :+1:


What kind of hydro you using? I plant mine rockwool and once I see a root it goes into a bubble cloner for 1 or 2 weeks then into a netpot on a 5 gal bucket with 2.5 gal nutrients in it " roots will be in water from growing in the bubble cloner


@boardsbird I have 5 gallon hydro pots. The three plants that I have were started in jiffy pots. They took root in them. I have rock wool but never used them. I’m curious as to just letting these grow in soil and maybe starting 2 in rock wool ? I didn’t know if I pulled these out of the soil to place them in their hydroponic pots if it would make a difference since they’re hardened off ?


I usually transplant them to hydro once I see the starter leaves starting to yellow or if they are too big for my starter tray and dome. That way you can start with a light feed and get those roots growing for you’re final bucket.


You probably can just put the jiffies into hydroton for the bucket top net-pots. I only use 3 gals " Net pots are 1" or 2" off water" in the 5 gal bucket and let the bubbler splash the hydroton to water the plant, moving to 2.5 gals of nutrients on first nute change


@boardsbird @Noctis420 thanks for the advice. I’m set up for it . I thought of growing a couple outside and a couple inside in order to see and feel the difference. Can you suggest any nutrients for root growth ? Thanks again !


If you’re using advanced nutrients use voodoo juice, piranha and trantula. All are to help boost root growth. I use those for the 1st and 2nd week of veg and 1st and 2nd week flower. They do work well because the roots on my plants are pretty big! @JBC13


@Noctis420 thanks for the info on the root stimulator. I been to reader some. It seems I have everything else lol !


Oh no haha. I buy the 250ml bottles. They arẻ cheapest and will last a while since you don’t need very much of them. @JBC13


Also @JBC13 don’t feed for at least two weeks unless you see the cotyledon start to yellow and use the smallest spoon on you’re measuring tool. Hope this helps happy growing. :seedling:


Ya if I have problems its feeding them to soon " I just cant help myself" I have two in my bubble cloner right now being over fed and trying to die"


@Noctis420 what is the yellowing your speaking of ? First time grower, although I do enjoy burnin.


It’s the plants starter leaves. They feed on them for about 2 weeks then they turn yellow and die. Here is a pic of what I’m talking about inside the red circle.



@Noctis420 I’m grateful for you teaching me as I grow. When are nutrients added ? Ph perfect micro, bloom and grow ? I also order ph perfect tranatula and voodoo juice. Will these be alright to add? Today I’m soaking 2 seeds and I’ll start them in rock wool. Still debating on going from soil to hydro. Do you think it would help yield? Thanks again
Btw: gorgeous plants ya got there :heart:️ !!


Hey thanks @JBC13 I work hard to to keep my ladies happy. :laughing: So after two weeks mix all of those together. Micro, grow, and bloom, trantula and voodoo juice. Start with 1/4 tsp of each nutrient. I can’t stress this enough you want to start as weak as possible and don’t feed for 2 weeks unless you see those leaves dying. This stuff is pretty strong so start small. As for soil vs hydro I could not really tell you. I have not done soil yet. The plants grow faster in hydro though. I suppose it depends on how you treat your plant. Such as topping, fimming, LST. Wish I could help you more on that subject. I might try soil soon if I can get some without bugs in it. @JBC13


Oh I do recommend getting piranha too if you can.


If you dare i would got hydro, both plants mid tent are White Widow autos at 47 days

with 3 small photos im topping for after the autoflowers are done on the outside


Nice looking plant you got there! I just started my second ever auto and it’s white widow haha @boardsbird


@Noctis420 I have an important question:
This morning I sprayed all 3 with been oil. One plant had tiny holes from som critter. Afterward I watered them. I brought one in and put it under the full spectrum light. The other 2 I placed in full sun. I just checked them and it looks like the leaves a curling inward. What could this be?? I brought them in and placed them under the light. Should I put them in the shade or have I killed them, sigh ?