When to give nutrients

When to give nutrients?

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How long have they been growing in pots? With FFO SOIL I wait 5 weeks b4 adding Fox farm nurtie

She’s been in a pot a few days

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What soil are using.

Sorry 4 answering again but like I stated before she’s still young for nutrition your medium will carry for a few weeks.

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What is your medium?

Happy frog & strawberry fields

Most FF soils can go 4 to 5 weeks. You can start at ½-¾ strength at about 5 weeks above soil.

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Don’t worry, thank you for answering, I’m just impatient & she’s not getting big

It’s alright 1st parent syndrome :rofl::rofl:. Soon you will be complaining that she’s 2 big for your set up

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So no ocean forest in the mix? Just HF and SF?
If so I would start nutes at week 4. Been my experience that happy frog doesn’t go as long as ocean forst before ppm starts to drop.

But your good for at least a month my freind :grin:

You sure she hasn’t grew? Some times I still don’t realize how mine have grew until I compare pictures. But sometimes they work on their roots and we can’t really see that growth. Then one day you look in and she has doubled in size over night :rofl:

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I think she’s rooting. She’s in her final home 5 gallon pot that’s alot of soil 2 set a foot down