When to flush out nutes

Newbie here, how often do you flush out the nutes in your plants? Mine are in veggie stage about a week or two before transition. I’ve not flushed at all yet and would like to know when I should flush

a flush depends on nutrient use, what’s in the soil, plant health…

if when you water your plants slowly with properly pH’ed water and there’s a run off of 20% extra water, that is a flush washing old nutes out with every watering/feeding…that could be enough for your plants.

you may choose to flush at transition to flowering, sort of mid growth, give your girls a fresh start, probably not necessary but many of us are neurotic, compulsive people with our routines :wink:

and after that a flush should be up to plant health to correct pH or nutrient imbalances…a flush is stressful to the plant if done too often or improperly or unnecessarily.

I don’t use Fox Farm nutes but I think @Countryboyjvd1971 does and has flushed regularly per the instructions…which may be due to using the manufacturers feeding schedule, usually a little heavy with high ppm numbers…many of the instructions recommend using high ppm numbers of 2000 per feeding which will leave excess nutes behind.

I’m kind of old school aiming for a starting ppm of 300-400 for a first feeding, moving up to 800 ppm during veg and then near 1200 ppm at transition up to 1600 max during flowering.


Thanks for very informative text. As you can tell I didn’t have a clue. I’ve only been giving nutes every other day for about 8 days.
Honestly don’t like to put anything on them. Afraid of hurting them. Guess with experience I’ll be able to. Just topped them and all have healthy new growth.

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@Laurap I do follow the ff schedule except feeding once a week instead of the twice they recommend
And yes as @kabongster stated flushing if following schedule will be need
I wish I can say I learned this the easy way but didn’t hahhaha
I choose not to flush and nutrients built up and cause some nute burn on my girls I even noticed it and still did nothing
So to sum it up yes follow thier feeding instructions you will need to flush
Unless you follow @kabongster and go more old school
I will most likely not feed as per instructions next grow and take the kabongster approach as well
I wanted to try and see how well it works at full strength and can say it works great
Feeding every other day sounds like a lot to me
What the ppm of the nute mix when feeding
I only feed once a week usually for my whole grow


So only feed once per week with nutes? Rest of time h20? I’ve only feed min 4 times far. It’s taking an act of Congress to get hubby to let me do anything to them.week ago today I finally talked him in to topping and was warned " don’t kill them" ! Same advice he gave me when I told him I wanted to put nutes on them. Then I tell him I want to powder them with food grade de. The looks I get and all he says is “damn it Laura don’t kill them” I’m just trying to make them better. Lol

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Yeah what I do is feed and water at least twice before next feeding
And it works out to about once a week sometimes it’s 8 days not 7 before I feed again it all depends on how moist the soil is :+1:
You feed full strength?
I wouldn’t steer you wrong @Laurap
Show him this when he questions you hahhahaha

Maybe he’ll trust you a bit more


Freaking georgeous! Made me salivate, lol. Right now they’re only needing h20 every other day, so it’s been two days a week nutes and in middle just h20. Found general hydroponics schedule on another site. Started out using less now using what’s recommended

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Ok I don’t use that brand but with the ff line flushing as directed is a must so if they recommend flush do so when directed and you should be fine @Laurap
Yeah I can’t wait to taste it lol
I believe @kabongster uses that line of nutes and has a modified schedule he uses that latewood posted
Maybe he can link you to that
He just got a lbs from two plants so I’d say schedule is good lol
Hope your turnout just as well

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