When to flush my plants new grower

If a strain says 8 weeks flower do I start flushing at week 6 or do I flush starting week 8?

I generally start when I first notice the Amber. So by the time it’s good and flushed out it should be a perfect harvest time. But each grow is different you may be flushing on week 10 or 12 or longer. The times they give are a best case scenario and optimal conditions.


I don’t flush

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If you DON"T flush, then, you are smoking the nutrients that you fed to the plant. notice the black ash in your weed?

I flush when its clear and milky, so when it does get mostly milky it will be ready to harvest.

Your method sounds good because when it’s clear and milky it should take almost 2 weeks to turn a little amber. So basically when they say 8weeks that’s just a round about time. So just start flushing when clear and milky rt?

yeah. my first harvest, i flushed at week 9 and harvested at week 14. i think my next time, im going to wait til week 12 to flush.

You’re not going to pull any nutrients out of the plant by flushing.

The only time I flush is when I have a lockout or soil pH problem. I start watering with plain pH-ed water a week or 2 before harvest so the plant uses up most of what’s available, but I don’t flush.

@Wbrian223. When u see that on the seed bank reviews. That is under perfect growing conditions with no issues whatso ever. Usuall 2 to 4 week maybe even longer than whats said sometimes ull get an early pull if ur lucky

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