When to flush in prep for chopping . .

Trying to get some insights on two areas:

  1. How long in advance of chopping do you usually “flush” your plants?

  2. After flushing is complete and you are ready to chop, how long do you (or do you?) place your plants in darkness?

I find a wide range of answers to these questions. I am currently about 6 weeks in on a variety of plants. My usual approach to these questions is to wait until about 80% - 90% of trichomes are cloudy, then flush.

Thoughts anyone?

I typically do a water-only regimen for the last two weeks (or so) ahead of harvest. I don’t generally do a flush unless in hydro. I do harvest from darkness and that really depends on how lazy I am (or not).

Remember you are not increasing potency; what this is supposed to do is improve the smokeability of the cured flower.

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Pics so we can see to help u

That’s a fact. It really is grower’s choice. I personally do not flush or place in dark. They are fed normally right up to harvest. Smoke is generally smooth and tasty every time.

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My last grow of auto’s I had an emergency and was not able to attend to the humidity in my drying area. Did not flush either - yet the bud curing (still to “new” to enjoy yet - heheheh).

Such an amazing plant!