When to flush/harvest

Can anyone tell me by looking at these pictures if i’m close to harvest and if I should start flushing her out? I am on day 67, strain is Northern Lights auto flower. Also how do I do the final flushing? I know plain water but how much and how often? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Cant say from them pictures
As for flush
3x the pot size
So 3 gallon pot 9 gallons PHed water

Damn 3x pot size huh. I kinda screwed up at the beginning. My dumbass went straight for a 7 gallon pot. Before I started I heard the bigger the pot size the bigger yield. Anyway that would mean 21 gallons that’s insane. How could I put that much water through her without drowning or overwatering? Would it be 21 gallons total within a couple weeks or 21 do I gotta put 21 gallons each time every few days for a couple weeks?

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I use light nutrients the whole grow so i dont flush just keep everything well balanced and stay ahead of what the girls need

If you simply stop feeding 2 weeks before harvest they will flush themselves

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You still have 2 to 3 weeks to go… start just giving a good ph’d water from here on out… :wink:

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Thanks. I was guessing at least another two weeks. Patience is hard when you’re this close

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