When to flush/ do you need a ec meter when you flush

I want to flush my plants, but don’t have a ec meter… can I just flush them a lot and that would work ???

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Not having a meter isn’t good. A ppm meter on Amazon is like 10 dollars. If you flush your plants, you wont know the ppm of your medium. And the point of flushing is to either fix your medium, or help with salt build ups from the nutrients. You definitely need a TDS meter 100%

Btw, welcome to the ILGM forum. Lots of awesome people here that can help you from seed to harvest.

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Yea thanks I’ve bought 2 already and neither seem to stay calibrated so I’m trying to see if I can do my final flush without one this time

A good SOLID flush should get you -200. 5x’s the size of your pots. Why are you flushing?

I’m flushing cause it’s the end of flower

O well no meter needed. Flush her out

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