When to flush auto blueberry

my auto blueberry is 9 weeks old. buds are full but trichomes are clear, very very few are cloudy. i want the high CBD with more amber color. my question is, when do i begin flushing until harvest? i did a flush back in week 7. not certain how long this trichome phase runs. when do i stop the nutrients and begin the flush? thank you.

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Do a search on the topic to flush or not to flush . It got me to try not flushing one of my white widow and 4weeks into the cure the flavor and aroma are starting to show up but I personally cannot tell the difference in the two I flushed and the one I didn’t. It has me convinced that the only time I will flush is to correct a issue of ph or build up of salts or nutrients not for flavor


Wow. After reading that drawn out post from July 2016, it seems flushing doesn’t help the plant or aid in its taste. Guess I can disregard the flush and just watching for my amber trichomes. I have a second auto blueberry that is 3 weeks younger. Maybe I might try flushing that one and compare the two. First one unflushed, second one flushed.

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Would love to hear your thoughts on how that works for you


You should shoot for 50% cloudy and 50% amber or 60 40 for medical
As far as flushing go’s it cleans out what left of the nutrients and salts and forces the plant to use its stored nutrients. This causes the leaves to turn yellow quicker and you have a much smoother smoke.


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Actually the leaves turn yellow from 2 process. One process is in the apex in the shoots and the roots and the 2nd process is in the ground itself I believe pushing the water upwards in the plants and distributed it through out different parts of the plants and the “waste” is stored in what’s known as sink cells in the apex of the shoots and roots. The 2 processes work together forming molecular bindings and bonds.

Well the reason the leaves turn yellow is because the chloroplasts can’t produce fast enough to keep up with the photosynthesis, and that’s why you get the results of yellow leaves. Its a much longer process but thats what i remember of it.
in terms of harvest I agree with @garrigan62

Hope this helps :smile:

Thank you everyone for responding. Any information is appreciated.

got to see the first amber trichomes in week 11!!!

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