When to flush amnesia haze autos

Hey I’m not sure when to flush this is my first grow I have two amnesia haze auto 10 weeks old

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From that pic it looks like a couple weeks of bloom nutes still needed.


Here are pics of the three amnesia haze auto 10weeks on these two

And 8 weeks on this one

Do you have a magnifying loupe or glass? The little head on the trichomes turns hazy or milky at about 40-50%. That’s when I flush. I tend to try and keep as few amber as possible personally and from the photo I say it has time too but they can be deceiving. Great looking specimens btw.
I have one right now in week four and it looks like a long haul lol.
Do you use overdrive or dry kool bloom or are you an organic person?

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No I don’t have a magnifying glass what kind should I have this is my first grow lol and I plan on using over drive starting tomorrow

April 20th

These are two different plants same strain (amnesia haze auto) I feel like they are getting close

Ok thank you I will post pics next week

@Drew420 I have 1 AH auto growing as well, week 10, day 2 today.
I still have time on mine. Too many white pistols, not enough fading, triches still look clear/cloudy, and not enough weight yet.

Here is mine from yesterday for comparison.

Whats your growing method?


Coco coir

Nice looking plants brother !

Nice looking plants. Any problems growing AZ autos?

AZ autos @Psu8286?

@WickedAle has you covered on the advice / rough timeline but you’ll need a USB microscope to check your tricombs to nail the correct harvest time.

@420hCan AH not AZ. I’m trying to decide on an auto sativa dominate strain to try. Would you recommend AH auto?

Hey @Psu8286
Im a pretty new grower myself, only being on my second grow.
Like most I had some germination issues with this strain from ILGM specifically. The first 2 seeds germinated but them stopped growing, the 3rd is the plant pictured above.

From what I understand AHauto can be a little finicky with nutrients.
I experienced this. 3 weeks into flower I began to have a moderate phosphorus deficiency. After adjusting my nutrient solution I saw evidence of nutrient burn, but now its stabilized.

My first grow was an AK47 auto. 1 plant yielded about 4.5 ounces and its been a favorite among friends.

I think the best advice I can give is just go for one you think you’ll like and learn along the way. Don’t expect your first grow to be flawless.
Document everything you do so you know next time what works and what doesn’t.
Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, use a good reliable source for information.

Most of all, just have fun with it. Be patient, and enjoy the hobby.


@42OhCan thanks a lot for your feedback.
Happy growing