When to flip to flower?

I’m growing Jack Herer photos indoors for the first time. I don’t know when to flip to flower. I have been growing them for roughly a month and they’re doing very well. I’m concerned about space in my grow tent. So, at what size should I look to flip to flower?

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It’s not about size, it’s about maturity, once it flowers, you can force it. You can look into topping it now, to help control the size.

What do you mean by “once it flowers, you can force it?”

I think @Zee means when it is sexually mature. It usually happens sometime between the 4 and 7 weeks mark.

Be sure to keep in mind that a cannabis plant will stretch (grow an additional) 30 - 100% in size after the flip.

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Pictures are always good.

What is your concern? Height" What size is your tent? How many plants?

I have 4 plants and two tents. 48x48x80 and 36x36x60(?) edit: they are all in the larger tent. The picture is for awhile ago when they were smaller and in the smaller tent.


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4 plants in one tent. Which tent? Are planning on doing any training, topping?
I am just trying to fill in the blanks. I am interested in the size / flip question myself because I am 19 days into veg (34 total days) on my first photo grow so the answers you receive are applicable to my situation.

I’ve experimented a little bit. Two have been topped once and two are being low stress trained by bending over the main stalk. Originally, my intention was to veg all four in the smaller tent and then move all four into the larger tent for flower, but I had to move them all into the large tent this weekend to continue veg and it’s looking like I’ll have to put one in the smaller tent for flower.

That brings up a side question I have. When do you start counting veg days? I sprouted the first two seeds at the end of March, and that’s the date I’ve been going by.

Unless you are me…my plants stretch for 8 weeks straight and sometimes longer. I go from seedling straight to flowering. I don’t actually Veg. :crazy_face:

Welcome ! deciding when to flip after plant shows maturity depends on size space you have to work with. It’s really all about managing your space you want to fill it up but also keep light clearance. And keep in mind after the flip they can double in size. Hope that helps good luck.

Yes that does help. Thank you. How do I know that a plant is mature?

A picture is worth a thousand words if possible put up a picture. I see where you say plants a month old you should be getting close to Showing sex. I usually veg around 8 weeks , I also tie and Pull to spread my plants out in order to fill up the space.

She will either show pre-flowers first. Or you lift up her skirt and see she has a ton of ball sacks. Or she is a hermie with both male and female parts. :+1:

Generally they will show their sex between 30 to 45 days which is from my experience growing. :+1:

When the seedling has its first multi bladed leaves. These were taken 4/23 - first day of veg phase.

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If you want help determining when to switch to flower, we really need to see inside the tent, to see what kind of space you’re working with. Without seeing how much space the plants are using currently, it’s impossible to tell.

I’ll post some better photos when I get home. Thank to everyone for the advice.

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Following along here too, lots of good information that goes along with my grow.

Most will probably ask, could you post a picture in regular light not blurple? It’s hard to see clearly :grin:

Picky picky!