When to flip this Purple Kush (wk 4)

Looking for some advice on how much more to let this plant grow before I flip to flowering?


The decision to flip is completely up to you and can be different for different growers. The decision should be based on when you want to harvest, how much you want to harvest, and how much room you have for a plant that will grow an additional 30 to 100% after you flip.


It’s all up go you and how much room your grow space allows you. Your plant can sometimes double in size during the flowering period. What size grow space are you working with?


I grew some purple kush earlier this year. This plant was in an autopot with coco. It first had cotyledon leaves on 2/16. This it the day I flipped on 5/4 - 77 days later. It has trained and pruned in a mainline.

It is about 14 - 15" above the soil.
About a week before harvest of 7/21 (155 days)

It only stretched about 8 - 9". It was however under 400 watts at only 20".

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I’ll also add that until photoperiod plant is sexually mature, flipping to flower won’t do a thing.


great thanks for the info! Looks great.

I would let her go for alot longer at three to four months