When to flip blue dream to flower in the scrog?

Should I flip to flower now or in about two weeks?


I say now , she’s gonna doble in size

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Okay, thank you…

Depends how full u want the scrog. @AfgVet has a sweet growgoing with scrogs. She does wonderful scrogs and has a beautiful setup super clean and all. U wanna learn on scrogging have a talk with @AfgVet she will help u out get that canopy full as can get


I would flip now and use the stretch to fill the rest of your screen

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I definitely want the scrog as full as possible. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Ok, I definitely appreciate any advice you can give me. When I build my scrog I went ahead and made it where I can add another screen on top just in case I miss judge the stretch. If you don’t mind will you tag me in one of your scrog grow journals where I can see how you do it. I sure appreciate you sharing your wealth of knowledge. Thank you.

Just tagged you

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Thank you very much. I have grown outdoors over 20 years. But this is my first time growing indoors and I’m loving it.

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Great looking canopy. May I ask, what is the width and length of your frame? How do you read the back ones? Especially those in the corners?

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Thank you…, The frame is 4’ x 10’. I stepped the frame in the center a foot where I can reach the two back middle plants and on each end of the frame there is a door in the tent where I can reach each corner of the frame. But I mostly can reach everything easily from the front of the frame.

Mine grew a foot after I topped them so I wished I would have topped once more.

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