When to fertilize seedlings

Well I’m at the two week mark. Plant #3 is looking very good. Thinking it’s time to transplant. Any thoughts? I’ll be putting it into a 5 gal fabric bucket with Nature Living Soil concentrate and organic soil.


I have no advice on your medium, sorry for that, but that little thing is looking pretty! I’ve used Fox Farms soil and nutrients all the way through. I’d be forever homing her today! Nice work so far!

Thanks! She’s my first. (At least I hope it’s a she!!)

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I would be careful on mixing the living soil concentrate and organic. Most organic mediums have enough nutrients with out adding a living soil concentrate. You’re basically adding more of what’s there. Personally for your 1st Grow I would go with. Good organic Coco like FF coco loco or Coast of Maine. Coco is much more airy allowing oxygen pockets, no risk of overwatering and cleaner. Now would be a good time to transplant, auto or photo?

Thanks for the info. Not sure if it’s auto or photo. All I know is it’s “Green Crack - feminized”.

That would be a photo, meaning you’ll have to flip that light after the veg period. Are you running 18/6 on your light schedule?

Right now I’m running lights 24/7.

That’s 31 hours?? You should run 18/6 for a 24 hour day cycle. When she has filled out during veg and you’re good with the spread, flip to 12/12 to initiate the flower cycle. Are you around the 5-5 nodes on growth? If so I would consider topping to create 2 main colas and start your training to spread her out to create and expose the lower bud sites :love_you_gesture:

Well here we go! All four have been topped and transplanted. I think all is well, but I’ll be looking to see what the experts say.
Thanks for any input.


I recently have seen small black flying bugs on and around my plants. I looked up bug problems and at first thought they may be white flies. I went back to look at them again and found they were black. Any ideas?

Fungus gnats, perhaps? I’m no bug expert - but I know the sticky yellow traps are invaluable for keeping the flying things away.


Yeah little flying black things are usually fungus gnats. I use mosquito bits when I see gnats, kills the larvae in the medium, and yellow sticky traps to get the adult flyers.


@Hellraiser got ya covered on the fungus gnats. I had them this run and top dress with mosquito bits as you water it’ll break the bits down and seep into your medium killing the larvae and of the yellow sticky traps. At least you got the lesser of the evil pest and you can definitely kill easier than Thrips. You definitely don’t won’t those :love_you_gesture:

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