When to feed widows

My white widows were grown in FFOF and Happy Frog.I mixed them 50/50.I have the FF trio to feed them.Big Bloom Grow Big and Tiger Bloom.Is it save to use full strengh.There 4ws today

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You already know we’re gonna need regular light pics

Also, when your run off dips below 1000 ppm then start adding nutrients.

If you haven’t yet done so cal/mag or Epsom salt to the watering will help also

Try to keep from creating run off until about where your at now. Week 5-6? Of veg

Unlikely that anything grown in OF is going to need nutes for a couple more weeks.

I have no idea what ppm is?

Your getting good advise. I was (and still am to a point) where you are now as far as “ppm” goes just read, ask,read, rinse and repete! Just do a bowl reset a bit and relax these guys will school ya. And In a few days you will have it down.

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PPM = parts per million. As in parts per million of dissolved solids; the dissolved solids being nutrients.


I’m lost at this point.What do I need to test with

Just a tds meter.

Wouldn’t hurt to pick up a ph meter as well.


Most of us use a combination PPM (TDS) and pH meter. The TDS means total dissolved solids, which is measured in PPM (parts per million.)

I polled folks’ favorite meters here just the other day because I bought a cheap Chinese knock-off. The Apera PC60 5-in-1 is a favorite. It’s a bit pricey, but I will tell you that my pH/PPM meter has help me get out of loads of trouble with my plants. It’s worth it.

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Where can I’ll get one.I have a ph meter but I don’t trust it

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Hope this links like its supposed to.


Amazon has 'em.

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Thank u will order today.Thanks again

You’ll be happy with the decision. It will give you better control over 2 of the very most important parameters to your grow.


Dont forget the bowl!!! LOL

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Before I order what about the bowl

Smoke it


I’m a little slow today :crazy_face:

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