When to decarboxylate

If you are going to decarboxylate your weed why do you have to dry it first? Or do you? You are going to heat it up to “burn” the acid off the cannabinoids. Won’t that happen if the weed is not dry?

Well I don’t know if this is typical as I only tried it once using fresh from the plant popcorn buds using an ardent decarb machine and failed miserably. It came out a wet mess. Way too much moisture. Never had an issue if I dry it first using the ardent.
Maybe someone else has a a way doing it when fresh like using the oven I don’t know.

As long as you’re aware of additional times added to rapid dry while decarbing in the oven. Works fine while wet. It SMELLS though.
You can’t seal it this way, as steam is being released.

That makes sense. I decarbed in a sous vide before. That won’t work with wet weed

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