When to cure and store

All experienced growers were at one time newbies. We all start and learn from our mistakes. It’s safe to say over the years we have all suffered losses at varying stages during our grow. When it comes to determining the best time to fill those mason jars and start the curing process many of you will end up with moldy bud. It just comes with the territory. Curing is by far the most important and final stage of your grow. You can purchase all kinds of devices, hygrometers etc to help you keep an eye while curing but ultimately skill and experience superceeds toys. When a thin branch snaps easily you can prepare for cure. However… don’t use this method alone ! Every branch, strain, bud size will vary. One moist bud in a mason, regardless of size can ruin the entire jar very quickly. You have to choose between sticky or dry as an end result. The stickier the bud the quicker it needs to be consumed. You cannot store " sticky" long-term. Ive lost ounces 6 months later from moldy bud. This is not an exact science and results will be different for everyone. I personally use the " roll a joint method". When a hanging thick bud snaps off with little force and breaks apart small enough to be rolled…(. with or without a grinder) roll it and light it up. If you are able to take 2 or 3 good hits without the joint needing to be relit and the end doesn’t get gummed up with resin you are good to go! Dryer weed can be stored long-term with little to no loss after a year. Be careful not to jump the gun and put your bud in jars too early. At the beginning, I highly suggest checking those jars every day. What looks good now could drastically change in a matter of hours. Don’t beat yourself up if you end up with a major loss. Until you master the art of curing, invest in those little hygrometers to put in every jar. When I started out there were no " toys" to play with. From seed to jar it was all trial and error. After 16 years It feels good to offer suggestions and advice. Growing weed is not easy!! If you make it through the season battling bugs, fungus, mold, wind, humidity etc you have fought a good battle. How you cure can win the war !!! good luck out there


Nice piece @slysfarm Great advice! From the master to the grasshopper. :om: :+1:

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thank you!

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Thank you, good advice.

May I add,
investing in a dozen little meters and calibrating the bunch is important. Some bunches read on cal, or off by the same number. I learned Jars, for the Fall 22 grow.
I use jars and Grove bags and the packets, trying them all. The cure plus 4 months waiting is soon over. Good growing with Harvest and cure to you.