When to consider transplanting


From a fellow grower:

I have a closet setup for 2 of the ak 47 auto flower seeds. I have them in styrofoam cups right now with soil. it’s been 4 days since I planted them and it is in the cotyledon stage. I spray them with water about every 6 hours or so. I have two 100 watt CFL bulbs shining on the plants. when should I consider transplanting? can I use seedstarter soil for the whole entire grow too? that’s the only soil I have right now. I could probably buy more but I’m just wondering if miracle grow seed starter soil would work for the whole thing. thanks!


You can use miracle grow moisture control and add about a third of a bag of perlite with it and that should work great .


Your plants are fine for know.
Give them to the end of the week or so.
Your soil will be ok for know.
You arr ok…



Transplant them at week 3-4 or at the third node .